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NDR-New Day Rising



NDR review from Climbing Gear Reviews UK  


Our most popular small technical pack. This is the top-loading version of the White Light/White Heat. The difference here is the pack has the ability to be used without the lid,  as a roll-top pack, OR as a normal dual drawcord top loader. 

The bivy sleeve is 12-13" tall, tapered so it can be pulled down over the outside of the pack, see photo below, to make loading easier. The bivy extension is made out of 200D Xpack VX21, a five-layer laminated pack fabric waterproof to 200 psi.


download the custom pack order form. You can see some of the most popular custom options here.

I often say no 2 packs are ever alike. the custom order form is just a starting place to design your pack around. often bag proportions are adjusted to fit your actual body shape. A customer with a short torso shouldn't be wearing the same bag shape as someone with 21'' torso. After you order a pack I'll contact you for your waist belt size and any customization. You can choose from all features: waist belt, harness size, bivy pad, frame sheet, alloy stays, crampon and ice tool attachment, webbing color and size, fitting issues, etc. 

As with all of the Alpine Packs, this pack is custom built and tailored to fit each customer. 


  • Ultra 400 woven UHMWPE base fabric-Dyneema,Spectra are other brand names.Built to last with a double bottom and lower rim. a second layer of fabric under the tool holder to keep picks from puncturing your pack. all haul points are reinforced with a layer of webbing sewn inside the pack, so your never relying on just the fabric when hauling.
  • bivy pad-hahaha
  • removable 2" webbing waist belt, crampon straps and tool holders straps.
  • three-point haul loops.
  • rope keeper /compression strap.
  • Weight-as shown the New Day Rising is 28-32 oz. but as each pack is tailored for each customer the weight can go up or down. please contact me to discuss this more.


custom sized back length


sizing notes: If you plan to wear this with a harness on, and climb wearing the pack, measure from where you want the bottom of the pack to sit in relation to your harness to top of your shoulder. For normal mountaineering use I'll need the length of where you like your pack to sit on your back to the top center of the shoulder, but don't wrap the tape over your shoulder. This may not be on your waist or over your hip bone. Our padded hip belt is 3.5" wide, narrow enough to allow you to lift your legs while postholing but wide enough to help transfer so of the load. It's fully removable for climbing.