Alpine Luddites

Alpine Machine 60 ,70, 80 &1 00 Liter packs



The Alpine Machine 



Light and Tough. Just what you expect in a pack designed for expeditions, alpine climbing or multiple seasons of guiding. Like all the packs built at Alpine Luddites, I expect this to hold up to 100's of days in use. 


I often say no 2 packs are ever alike. the custom order form is just a starting place to design your pack around. often bag proportions are adjusted to fit your actual body shape. A customer with a short torso shouldn't be wearing the same bag shape as someone with 21'' torso.


Costs: cost for the finished pack will vary, with $950 being the base price with full lid/brain, 7075-t6 aluminum frame stays , Ultra woven UHMWPE fabrics and all the custom fitting and  set up options on the order form.  once we have a phone call or shop visit sorting out the details and any extra options or fabrics that add to the base price i can invoice you for the remaining cost . the pack Deposits are non refundable.



download the custom pack order form. You can see some of the most popular custom options here.

After you order a pack I'll contact you for your waist belt size and any customization. You can choose from all features: waist belt, harness size, bivy pad, frame sheet, alloy stays, crampon and ice tool attachment, webbing color and size, fitting issues, etc. 

Pack Volume & Unique Features:

60, 70, 80 & 100L, plus a tall bivy extension and floating lid. Guides overstuff these packs.  The rope strap secures gear with or without the lid. The lid straps are removable from the front of the pack. Some of my customers buying this pack for climbing at high altitude are going with a single stay. We sort exactly how you want your pack set up, during our phone call, once you order the pack.

Custom options link.


sizing notes:

  • all packs are custom fitted. please refer to custom pack order form.
  • sizing notes: for sizing, I'll need your waist size in just a shirt. for back length measure from where you want the bottom of the pack to sit to the top of your shoulder. If you plan to wear this with a harness on and climb wearing the pack, measure from where you want the bottom of the pack to sit in relation to your harness to the top of your shoulder. For normal mountaineering use I'll need the length from where you like your pack to sit on the bottom edge of your back to the top center of the shoulder, but don't wrap the tape over your shoulder. Our padded Alpine hip belt is 3.5" wide, narrow enough to allow you to lift your legs while postholing but wide enough to help transfer some of the load. It's fully removable for climbing.

Construction: this pack is built with only two main seams that attach the two body panels together. There is no need to worry about blown stitching either. all seams have multiple passes at 8 -10 stitches per inch. compare that to most mass produced gear. All seams are taped for durability.  All webbing stress points are fully reinforced with a second layer of webbing.


    • Two-pocket lid, one on the underside. Fully removable from any position. can be purchased later if it gets trashed or lost. there are three different lid styles available.
    •  bivy extension is made out of Ultra Grid or Dyneema grid fabrics. sleeve length 12". 
    • Weight-3-6 lbs  depending on volume and features. This should be your least important concern.
    • sizes: Every pack is made to measure back length, waist belt, and shoulder straps.
    • closed cell foam back pad: a folded 3/8" (10mm) closed cell foam back pad for a total of 3/4"(20mm) thick back pad. unfolded size, roughly, is 11"x48"x3/8".
    • removable padded hip belt. 
    • Ice tools & crampon patch reinforced with the 2nd layer of fabric. 
    • full strength front and rear haul loops. the front loop is reinforced with a layer of 2" nylon webbing sewn onto the inside of the pack. Haul points are sewn on top of this to spread the stress out onto the entire front of the pack, not just into the stitching. 
    • shoulder straps have a fully adjustable sternum strap and lift straps. both removable.
    • rope strap.
    • Ultra  200, 400 ,800 woven UHMWPE Fabric. Other fabrics are available, please refer to the custom pack order form.