How to order


Download the  Custom pack order form  or the Custom bike bag form. this gives you a place to start from. 

If you’ve never ordered a custom pack or bike bag before (or even if you have) and you’re wondering how the process of ordering works at Alpine Luddites keep reading.

While I build different models of packs, no two are really ever the same. I typically send you a custom order form, that we go over together on the phone or via email. Once we have settled on a pack, we go over fitting, fabric options, colors, features, custom features etc. Once we have everything sorted on the custom order form, you'll sign off on it meaning it's good to build. At this point, there are no changes.


It’s my job to adapt to your level of technical knowledge or interest, so don’t be intimidated if you don’t feel you know enough to order a custom pack. Furthermore, if you don’t feel like you can offer accurate information, don’t worry. We know how to protect you from yourself. I have been designing and building custom gear for years and understand the mistakes people can make. We have a process that will identify any problems long before we make any final decisions.