January 15,2020-current lead time is around 6 months on custom packs and bags.

I never expected to have this long of a wait list 5 years ago when I started to plan Alpine Luddites. Plenty of bike builders have wait times this long, or longer, but I never expected the demand!

I lost about 5 weeks of time due to the relocation to Vermont. I had piled up all the shop materials and machines to go into a 12' trailer I pulled, not the moving truck. However the movers got the machines and some materials into the trailer, but none of the fabric despite everything being clearly marked. 

I also had some backorders waiting on a roll of woven Spectra fabric that needed to be done, as they were waiting 11 months as they really wanted this fabric. 

 Some of my retailers may have items in stock. please give them a call.

Please bear with me as I work to reel in the wait time. When I'm one pack out from yours I'll contact you to go over the details. I had been doing the details once the order has been placed but I find still needing last minute detail clarifications, or to refresh a discussion we already had. It's better to have all the info on your pack current in my mind. We can still make changes, and if need, order any materials specific to your pack.


Thanks for your patience.