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expedition duffel

The big 135 L expedition duffle is also going to Bolivia with Ryan from @totem.cyclery . I forget how much work these are. It's cut from just one piece of DX40 with the 500 D Cordura / Dyneema grid sewn over the bottom. Makes we wish I had a sail loft and a long arm machine to sew these on. 5' long seams. While being huge and heavy duty it weighs only 36 ounces. 

expedition duffle

80-85L alpine machine

New 80-85 L Alpine Machine for Ryan, who owns one of the coolest bike shops in Denver, @totem.cyclery . He's the second Dever bike shop owner to order a pack. The owner of @yawp_cyclery has a Nordwand pack from me. Occasionally you can find my bike bags for sale at Totem. Ryan has built wheels for me and spent way to many hours helping me on crazy Rohloff shifter mods. But if you have esoteric bike nerd needs he's the man! he's going climbing in Bolivia next week and I waited to the last minute to get his pack done. Looks great and based on the 100L model, lower and deeper. In fact I couldn't find enough sleeping bags to fully fill it. The finished weight is 4.5 lbs. has two removable 7075-T6 stays, a full 3/4" foam back pad, custom sized conical belt with gear loops, the removable wand pockets, full 6L lid. The pack can be used with or without the lid. The bungee cord crampon holder was placed lower , if the pack is used only partially full the upper end of the daisy chains will disappear , so want to make this feature accessible. For trim color all he said was black. I did my best not to add too much color.

Alpine Machine

Face nord

A custom Face Nord. They asked for the same exterior trim as a previous customers, but more pink ! This pack is a bit different than the original Chouinard version: taller, to custom fit the harness, much longer zipper and an 1" less in depth for a better carry. Interior pocket colors were all my idea. Fabric is 500 D Cordura with Dyneema grid, it's one of my favorite fabrics

face nord

DX40 Black Crag

This is a first, a Black Crag built in the DX40 from Xpac. Love the juxtaposition from the dyneema/polyester fabric to the natural leather lash tabs. The Orange pack is Chouinard's Face Nord, same style, just bigger, but based on the Creag Dubh . I build that model too and have a new one to post tomorrow . Only change I've made to the harness is to add an optimal sternum strap.

black crag

custom fanny pack

A custom fanny pack. They asked for all coyote xpac with red zipper pulls. I decided all the top stitching needed to red as well. The " made in USA" tag was also a request. I don't sew nation of origin labels in much unless they have to pass customs for wholesale orders , but I always include the " made in Vermont" stickers with the original Vermont republic flag stickers in all my orders. This and a repair on a mountain smith pack was all I accomplished today. I'm sick as a dog from my second Covid vac shot on Sunday. Feels like full on flu. It's not a big deal, I've been much sicker from other vaccine shots. On my first trip to Peru and Bolivia years ago I needed a Yellow fever card to get back into the USA from South America. So I was vaccinated for yellow fever, typhoid, polio , and hepatitis A on the same visit. Was sick for days.

fanny packs

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