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custom full woven UHMWP climbing pack

This pack has a lot going on. It's one of five packs I'm building together over the last 2 weeks,before I took last week off. They will all be done this week. This pack is built out of 8 oz woven UHMWPE ( Dyneema/spectra) from @challengesailcloth , available for any pack now, it's as waterproof as the DX40 I normally use ,200 psi, coating is laminated on, not a polyurethane coating. It's slightly bigger than the NDR, built in crampon pocket, different rope strap arrangement , no xpac bivy/ roll top, just a 200D Dyneema gridstop fabric. The lid is a new design, still fully removable with the button set up on the rear, no straps. But as on the NDR a full lid can get in the way of the lift straps, and placing the lift straps closer to the top of the shoulder straps makes them useless. The lid also sports A 3 oz Dyneema map pocket in the the custom topo print. Blue ballistics bottom and lower rim. The empty pack without lid and hip belt is 21 ounces. About 30 ounces complete . This is more of a ice cragging pack. it's not optimal to haul. The crampon pocket is pleated to lay flat when empty. No belt shown, but uses the padded alpine belt, still sports the doubled, 3/4" thick bivy pad for an almost full length pad. for now it's a custom pack, not designated model.

full custom

Nordwand pack

This is one of my favorites. A custom Nordwand off to Will stationed overseas in Switzerland! This pack is based off the original Wild Things Ferney. The first climbing pack I ever built years ago was also based off the Ferney. Wish I never sold it. This is built out of 11 oz Cordura with navy blue ballistics on the lower section, the double bottom, crampon patch and the lid pocket. I made this pattern when my friend Mark brought in his old purple and teal Ferney that had easily a 1000 climbing days on it. The overlay cordura was completely worn/ UV rotten off. But pack was fully functional. I built him a replacement that's still going strong. Will asked for the access zipper. This isn't a lightweight pack but at about 3 lbs it nice to know it could last your entire climbing career. Just think about that. I built myself one in green and orange that's the shop sample and everyone who sees it on the wall is drawn to it. It's big enough for 2-3 day climbs, can be hauled and over loaded for the approach with its floating, removable, lid and huge extension sleeve. You can pay more but this pack is built for the long haul.


Expedition duffle

A custom Expedition Duffle. These are difficult to cut and sew just due to the size. They are cut from a single piece of DX40, with the Cordura Dyneema grid fabric a second layer on the bottom . This is going to customers Sami and Nick in Singapore . They have a pair of NDR packs that they have taken ice climbing in China, Scotland and trips to the Alps. Their friends bought them for a wedding present a few years ago. They asked for the removable shoulder straps and inside mesh pockets at each end of the zipper. I'm really curious to see Sami carry this duffle in the airport. It's almost as tall as she is, 5'. Nick is a full 2 meters, 6'8" so it will just hit him in the back of the knees. The webbing strap at least is adjustable in height as it cinches through any loop on the daisy chains. Metal Waterbury mil spec G hook buckles on the compression straps. Padded end handles for two person carry. Full #10 YKK coil zipper for durability.

expedition duffles

top tube bags

A pile of top tube bags off to a customer for his family's collection of mt bikes! I think three of the same carbon FS bikes but all different sizes. These sport every feature I offer in this style: foam padded bottoms, hydration/dynamo charging wire port, internal baffle and custom colors. There is almost zero steerer tube so I utilized a bungee cord front attachment, one loop Velcro for the top tube / seat post. I'm digging the new German rainbow #69 thread for the bartacks. They weigh less than 8 ounces each, volume 4 liters. All custom fitted as standard. There are no stock sizes for these. Shop music to keep me going has been a loop of every band @mskathleenhanna has created. #bikinikill #bikepacking #bikebag 

top tube bag

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