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White light/White Heat

alpine_ludditesSome stills from my previous post with short clip from @jottnar. Tommy Kelly is one of the founders of Jottnar, both founders were Royal marine commandos, wearing the White Light/White Heat pack I built him a few years ago. It pops up occasionally In Their ads but Tommy emailed me the other day to tell me his pack had a starring role in this latest movie. Despite this being a shameless plug for both Alpine Luddites and Jottnar, the sea climbing looks incredible. When I first discovered rock climbing as a boy of 8, my first climbing book was from John Cleare, a uk climber/photographer who put out numerous books on climbing. The photos of sea cliff climbing in the UK are some of my clearest memories from that book. So, it's fantastic to see one of my packs being carried on climbs that first grasped my attention to rock climbing

White light/white heat

Spectra New Day Rising +

The last of the woven Honeywell Spectra packs for the foreseeable future. We have woven Dyneema/polyester to replace it with. This pack , a plus sized New Day Rising if off to fellow Vermonter @the_hex_pistols , Alex Skully. Ballistics bottom and lower rim, both removable padded and webbing belts, flat lid ( not quite done) and full roll top bivy extension. Pack has a functional weight of 24 ounces, 32 ounces complete. Those weights include double layers of Spectra under the picks and crampons. Could be a bit lighter, but we weren't sure if there was enough Spectra left for the double bottom. FYI the metal hardware is lighter than nylon. 

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folding bike Custom frame bag

My first folding bike frame bag for a customer in the UK. This is for a @hummingbird_bike with a huge carbon top tube(?). In fact, this may be the largest frame bag ever, 51 cm long, 28cm in the front, 26 cm in the rear. I left the top tube Velcro very long as I had no idea of the circumference of the top tube. Full rain flap over a #10 YKK water resistant zipper. Finished weight 10 ounces, 280 grams, xpac DX40fabric.

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custom handlebar bag

This is the custom handlebar bag that goes with the huge frame bag for the folding bike in the UK two posts ago. As a one off it took awhile and two prototypes, one in DX40 and Dyneema, one in packcloth to get right. It's based on my small handle bar bag I sell but much bigger. The front pocket is 5 oz. Dyneema, waterproof YKK #5 zip with a full rain flap. The main bag has a #10 YKK waterproof zip, that rolls down to keep it as dry as possible. Front daisy chains, backed up with web sewn down on the inside before the bartacks. Inside there is a large 🇬🇧 pocket. The back has a polyethylene and 6mm closed cell foam back panel the attachment points are sewn through. The "stem" on the folding bike is very long. for more pics have a look at it on my instagram account. link below.

bag details

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