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custom TDR packs

A pair of custom TDR packs. But i guess these are nothing like the original except in shape. These were at the request for a crag pack you could wear all day to carry water, food , shell and what ever else while actually climbing. In the same vein as the old A5 alpine pack or the Chouinard Creag Dubh. The Dyneema grid one is off to the sierra where it will be put to good use. The grey one is full 16 oz Ballistics nylon. The black is 500 D Cordura/ Dyneema grid with 16 oz ballistics on the rim and bottom. Both share a#10YKK zipper, reinforced top haul loop( sewn in web behind the bartacks) removable foam back pad, 1” web belt, and flat front pockets. I should call them something else but my creative energy is spent for the day. I should be cleaning and prepping for class in the morning but I have enough time for that in the AM. I am very pleased with how they came and look forward to making more like this.


black crag

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Yes, I build a lot of Black Crags and some Face Nords, which are direct reproductions of the Chouinard classic packs. But, what is cool about this is I have finally found a source of orange 16 oz ballistics nylon from a mill in south Korea. I have been looking for this fabric for 5 years. I had the fabric in stock for months but finally found time to build one in orange. The bigger Chouinard pack is the original Face Nord

classic packs

100L Alpine Machine

Here’s the huge Alpine Machine to go with the avy gear pocket. Full 8 oz UHMWPE, purple overlay is 10 oz Ballistics. Full dual frame of 7075-T6 stays. The owner is a big dude and the shoulder straps are a couple inches longer than normal, slightly wider spacing, full conical hip belt, not shown. No roll top , just a normal drawcord extension sleeve. This pack is for one of my former Sterling College students leaving on the SW semester in the field.

alpine machine 100L

custom AM40+

Another full custom pack done! This one is all 8 oz. Woven UHMWPE from@challengesailcloth. There is a host of custom details at the customers request: full side access zipper, crampon pocket to fit his Cassin Ice Invaders( why not Grivel Rambo, G20 or even G22’s?) the rope strap set up is at his request, i don’t care for this style as the loop can be hard to find under a frozen rope, the mitten friendly ITW/Fastex fireman style buckles, the whistle sternum strap buckle, and a zip out internal pocket. The zip out pocket I initially rolled my eyes at but it seem ok, it is big enough for a guidebook and 3 pounds of milk chocolate and twizzlers. It has two hip belts, both removable, a 2” webbing belt and a padded alpine belt with an exterior belt pocket on one side and single gear loop on the other.

Alpine machine 40-50L

New fabric test pack

this pack is mine. Challenge sailcloth brought over some new 4 oz laminated Dyneema type fabric for me to build a couple of test packs with. this 45L Alpine Machine is 29 ounces, with double layers on the bottom, rim, crampon patch and ice tool sleeves. normal drawcord sleeve at the top. there is lid but not shown. I often like to keep the lid inside the pack while climbing to reduce it's height ( unless the pack is full, then it's not so steep) and use it for internal organization. Taking it for a cold walk tomorrow.

alpine machine 40

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