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top loading frame bag

A custom top load frame bag in in the VT deer hunter color way! its for a customer’s@iamspecializedAwol bike. Fabric is x pac x50 jungle camo lined with vx25 in safety orange. The top load frame bag makes a lot of sense to me as they are easier to load/unload, easier to find what your looking for. The are easier to use than a the huge roll top frame bags, which never seemed functional to me. They are like packing a backpack. They weigh just a little more than a zippered bag as they trade a heavy zip and slider for the flap fabric and top compression straps. They need the velcro baffle to work well. I use one wrap velcro around the top tube to secure the bag to the frame. The compression straps keep the bag closed and under control from expanding too much at the top, the flaps main job is to keep the weather out. The end panels wrap over the top to seal up the edges of the flap. The only downside to this style of frame bag is the inability to use top tube bags, but can be remedied with feed bag style handlebar bags and/or side pockets on the frame bag.

custom frame bags

custom half frame bag

This massive half frame bag is for vermont local and fellow@waltworksrider@bonkism. Daniels hip is about level with my rib cage. The drop from the top tube to the water bottle cage is 12”. My 29’r seat tube is 13”, just for reference and my bikes are usually a medium. It has some cool features: there is a vertical velcro divider, but we put the rear half access zip on the non drive side, with a big mesh pocket in front. The drive side access zip for the front half of the bag, with a flat outside pocket just below. The cool vermont patch came from@hagpatch. The green fabric is 500 D Cordura made in Germany, its expensive cause of the freight cost but it has a full TPU laminated coating, very similar to the panniers that come from over there. I stock this in 5 colors, waterproof too, 200 psi, and may be on my fabric page, but I know it’s on my custom bike bag order form, which you can down load from the website.

custom frame bags

Alpine machine 40

Alpine Machine 40 for Brandon, a repeat customer. He said make it black with pink, and left the rest up to me, so here it is. built out of a combination of vx42 with xpac x51 bottom, lower rim and front panel for the abuse from ice tools. Bivy extension is 200 D Dyneema grid stop. I think this is the first 40 L pack I have built with the full conical belt, but the foam is only 1/4”, 6 mm, for freedom of movement, IE same as my alpine belts but better at carrying loads. Be ideal if they stop plowing@hyalitecanyonlike in the 90’s or if your slogging up to Huntingtons ravine on Mt. Washington everyday. It has the field replaceable carbon ice tool toggles from@eliteclimb. Fully removable lid with map pocket on the underside, 1/2” rope strap with G hook cause the thinner width fat web matched the pack better. It weighs just 2 lbs. looks better than I could have imagined laying it out.

custom alpine packs

Full UHMWPE alpine machine 70

Alpine Machine 70 for Rhonda in Aspen. Dang, this pack took for ever…..I am very pleased with it now that I can see the finished pack, but it was a struggle to design and build. No idea why, some projects just flow, some make me walk away in frustration. Makes me think of the Henry Rollins spoken word monologue when hank is talking about how miserable writers must be, every word a struggle. Anyway. 70 liters of high altitude high rise with internal straps for an O2 cyclinder, which HA mountaineering guru@arnette.alantold me are probably unnecessary. Full woven UHMWPE from@challengesailcloth, two lids, both the flat Don lid and the boxy lid I use on packs for climbing. Wand pockets, full crampon pocket, g hooks on the lid, crampon pocket and rope strap. Pretty much any buckle used with mitts on. I can’t remember if she asked for those but why fuck around with your digits? Full dual 7075-t6 frame stays, inside zippered pocket and full length bivy pad all at around 4.5 lbs depending on the lid.

alpine machine 70

UL packs

I built a couple of packs this with my@sterlingcollegevtcollege classes as well. I build a pack with every class to show each step in the process. But Saturday- Tuesday I had two different groups of students alternating days, so I had build a pack during each class. I finished them this morning after taking yesterday off from the shop. They are identical in volume, 50L, and within an ounce or two for weight, 33-35 ounces with the hip belts. The foam pad on the pack on the left is bigger as it’s a 20” torso. Both are built out of 2 ounce woven UHMWPE ( Dyneema, Spectra for those brand obsessed) from@challengesailcloth. This has a polyester x grid and a 70 D ripstop laminated lining fabric. Both have 11 oz, 1000 D Cordura bottoms and lower rim overlays to add color and lifetime durability. The one on the left with the bungee cord lacing is going into the Sterling gear room for student use. The one on the right is for my intern Anna, who is a Sterling student and helped teach the repair part of the class on campus. I have never been a huge fan of the current non woven dyneema fabrics in this weight used for packs, until now. The big difference being the UHMWPE is woven on the fabric I use, not layer of glue and non woven fiber.

really light packs

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