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TDR pack

A TDR pack for Bob. This is a model i first built for myself on my 2nd Tour Divide race. I left off my frame bag and used this pack to carry my primaloft jacket, fruit and corn chips. Everything else fit in my seat and handlebar bags. We cut all the backorders for this pack last night, just waiting on more spacer mesh for the others. Bob has a trip in a few days, so his was first out the door. The others ship first of next week. This is the only pack i build where I use spacer mesh, cause it made sense despite pilling up after a week of riding. The shoulder straps and stretch hip wings also have mesh on the inside. The 70’s denim look on the wings is Scholler keprotect. As bob lives in Port Townsend he got the green dragon print Dyneema lining the front pocket, to match the dragons living in the Olympics. The entire main compartment is built with laminated fabric, even behind the Dyneema grid. Pack weighs about 18 oz. Volume around 20 L,

TDR pack

Alpine Machine 40

Alpine Machine 40 built from woven UHMWPE, Challenge’s Ultra 800. This pack is one of two going to London. The woman who ordered it asked me to copy the colors of a pack I built for Tommy Kelly, the founder of the British clothing company@jottnarTommy has been using a White Light/ White Heat pack for years and it finds its way into Jottnar movies and on the website, usually with Tommy scraping up climbs on Ben Nevis. This pack, unlike Tommy’s, is set up for ski’s and has a full zippered side access. Works with or without the lid. There is an inside pocket along the back panel, custom fitted harness and hip belt( not pictured). The bivy extension is a full roll top for use without the lid. Weighs about 40 ounces

custom frame bags

tote bag pre order.

we are making only 40 of these. to be delivered by winter solstice. a project to keep anna employed after she makes 200 fanny packs from our fundraiser.

tote bag preorder

Alpine machine 40

This Alpine Machine 40 is going to Erik in California. It has both climbing and skimo features. It is built out of custom dyed woven Dyneema and polyester fabric, with junior ballistics nylon on the double bottom and lower rim, and the lid. Inside grey panels are A US made packcloth, and the bivy sleeve and lid panels are 200 D Dyneema gridstop. The colors came at Erik’s request for teal and silver on a purple pack, teal to match his@rivbikeatlantis. The pack has a full side access zip, ice tool sleeve, extra long side compression straps for carrying skis in an “ A frame” configuration and a removable tail loop and@voilestrapsset up for diagonal carry. Inside there are sleeves for his probe and shovel handle, two ally frame stays and full bivy pad. As on all my pack the lid us fully removable.

custom alpine packs


one of my favorite packs from the classic packs collection, based on the wild Thing's Ferney pack. In it's day 40-50 L workhorse climbing pack. This one went to a customer in florida. his direction on color was no black or camo, so I came up with this. It was nice to build a pack out of entirely woven fabrics. No worries about a needle hole destroying a panel of expensive laminates, easy to cut, a mistake didn’t cost me $50 in fabric. And so many colors. 11 oz cordura fabric, less the topo dyneema print in the lid. it doesn't have the canvas back panel as per the orginal, but other wise pretty close.


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