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custom white light/white heat

A very custom White Light/White Heat pack for@megumi_fukiagein Japan. She has a white DX40 version and wanted something in this particular color pink with the three external pockets and the bright green trim. The rest was left up to me. This color came from a frame bag and fanny pack I made for a customer in Telluride. It is all 16 oz ballistics nylon, so while a bit watermelonesque, it is full capable crag pack. I used some 12 mm G Hook buckles i have in my stash to match the green web. The bottom is 11 oz Cordura , lined with Xpac vx21 for water resistance. Shoulder straps are Challange Ecopak, just for the color. Multicam binding tape throughout and inside. Built as a crag climbing pack this would last for years in full ballistics. It could even be lined with ecopak or vx21 for outstanding waterproofness. Still well under a Kilo in weight

white light/ white heat

handlebar bags

Two custom handle bar bags. The silver DX40 is off to@windlecommarandy. He asked for the removable Spot tracker pocket, not the last i am going to making it seems since i posted it in stories yesterday. Top is heavy nylon mesh so no blocking of a signal. Clips on with Military Molle clips. The Coyote bag is for Jessica and has a removable front pocket. Both have a reinforced attachment area, the green on coyote bag, Voile Nano strap attachments and leather cable spacers. Both are to fit road sized drop bars. Both also have aero bar strap slots if you want to attach them there. Not sure of the finished weight but probably around 12-14 ounces.

handlebar bags

AM40+ top loader

Ben’s new top loading alpine machine 40+. Set up as more of a ski pack with a removable tail strap and top strap for diagonal carry. Inside behind the crampon patch are three slots for shovel handle, probe and snow saw. This was quite tricky to set up the order of operations. I had to sew on the front crampon patch and the inside sleeves at the same time, while not sewing something closed. There is a full side zip access, and both outside and inside lid pockets. All the outside zips ate YKK#10water resistant zips. Inside compression strap, full ice tool carriers and plenty of reflective trim. Ben runs the outdoor education program at@northernvermontuniversity, 30 mins south of me in Lyndon Vermont. The only thing left todo is build his waist belt but since I know he’s out guiding this weekend I have time….

AM40 top loader

Alpine Machine 70

Aravind’s new pack! A alpine Machine 70 built out of the laminated Ultra 800 fabric. So, this pack has a few custom and a few brand new standard features. The new standard features: the rear central vertical haul loop, designed so the pack can be set up to haul with 3 equal length sewn slings and the harness side droops down to protect the shoulder straps , hopefully to reduce snagging, and easy access into the pack when hanging. This design was worked out with Ed@feedingtheratexpeditionsover one of our very long emails. Wild things used to do a vertical haul loop, so its not a first or any bullshit like that. There is vertical layer of webbing sewn onto the panel behind the haul loop. The removable wand pockets have been available for ever but this is the first time someone has ordered them. The custom features are the G hook buckles, the gear loops( he needs to find his own plastic tubing). And he is quite lean with a 27.” Waist, so the belt was some work. Has a full roll top so the lid and straps strip off, red Cordura bottom. I said no to his request for orange trim and bivy extension. This pack looked so good going together and orange was just awful. It’s heading off for a sumner in the north Cascades. Any questions?

alpine machine 70 L

custom frame bags

this weekend's custom frame bags!

custom frame bags

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