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top load frame bag

A photo from @erik.dalton of my top load frame bag design on his @monebikes crazy ass bike. Not sure if he planned for the crank arms, bag logo and handlebar grips to match, but probably. Nice one Erik.

top load frame bag

custom AM40

An alpine machine 40 L with the avalanche gear pocket for Whit , owner/builder @meriwethercycles in California . I always feel honored when other craftspeople/ makers ask me to create a pack for them. Especially bespoke bike frame builders. He asked for this pack setup for ski mountaineering/ backcountry skiing. He gets the first new lid for the AM 40/50 models, a removable avalanche gear front pocket, and inside a bladder sleeve. All I have left is the hip belt and belt pocket but that can wait till the morning. The pack is missing the Voile ski straps, but has the slots for them, as orange was out of stock and the blue and neon green straps I have are just the wrong color for this pack. Stripping off the front pocket and lids saves a little over a pound(500 grams) as it's stripped down. It's a very versatile set up. The pack stripped of the lid and front pocket is just at 2 lbs, 1kg. With both pockets about 3.25 lbs

Alpine packs

custom AM 40

 I finished Chase's new Alpine Machine 40L tonight. It has a full side access zipper, the flat Don lid, which while small, fits a headlamp, gloves , snacks etc. it's main function is to help keep rain/snow out of your pack if your using the bivy extension with the drawcord, not the roll top. But it holds a rope securely too. Single ice tool pocket, newly redesigned, has both a 1" removable webbing belt and the padded belt ( not shown). Fabric is Xpac DX40 with ballistics on the outer layer for the bottom and lower rim. The useable eight, less the foam pad, hip belt and lid was 1 lb 11oz. All together about 2 lbs 4 oz, maybe a couple more.

Alpine machine 40L

custom climbing pack

New pack for Cooper! This was conceived for wearing/ hauling in Yosemite and the Sierra backcountry. It's around 30 L. It has a full front access zipper with an internal daisy chain. The hual loops are fully structural with 2" webbing sewn onto the pack fabric, on the inside, before the haul loops are sewn down. The front zip is a #10 YKK. Built out of 500 D Cordura/ Dyneema grid with a second layer of 10 oz. Jr Ballistics on the bottom, lower rim and top drawcord sleeve . It has a short extension sleeve, to close up the top of the bag. I used lots of closely spaced spur grommets so the cord would run very smoothly. The Don lid is fully removable, and acts like smooth layer to prevent the rim from rubbing and getting caught while hauling. There is a zippered pocket underneath. I also made a separate set of top compression straps for carrying a rope. All are replaceable. The pack has both a removable padded belt and a 2" webbing belt. Cool pack!

custom climbing pack

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