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Seat Bag-DX40 fabric

DX40 seat bag

Tired of slipping seat bag buckles? This new bag eliminates the biggest problem with conventional seat bags: buckles that continuously slip.

By using pulley velcro attachment system, directly integrated with a very stiff polyethylene skid plate, we have designed a bombproof, no slip, seat bag attachment system. The velcro strap makes taking the bag on and off straightforward. The strap is fully replaceable.

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Built out of Dimension Polyant DX40,  Bombproof silver Fabric laminated X Pac fabric. DX40 fabric is the strongest fabric available for its weight. It cannot be torn, incredibly abrasion resistant. The UHMWP fibers themselves are five times stronger than steel. I use this fabric in my alpine climbing packs for its incredible durability. These fabrics are waterproof to 200 psi. The fiber doesn't accept dye so only available in silver, but webbing has several color choices.

My seat bags have a sewn in high-density polyethylene skid plate sewn in right over the tire. this plate also helps to compress the load as the velcro straps run right to it.

finished weight 12-14 oz, depending on size.


volume: 6-12 L

custom features:

The daisy chains can be added for carrying a sleeping pad under your seat bag. just tell me you want this.

 I can use  metal buckles for the roll top to prevent slipping or breaking in the cold.