Alpine Luddites

Handlebar Bag

New front bag redesign done! The new bags feature the new @voilestraps micro straps for attaching to handlebars with leather spacers for your cables. The bags now come set up to attach to flat/ drop bars or your aero bars .The design has one roll-top entry.


Finished weight 8.5 ounces. The compression straps have triglide buckles to hold the tails out of your wheel but with enough extra length for strapping on more gear. The front daisy chain is perfect for holding tent poles or our little front pocket. The long daisy chain on the bars allows you to fit your straps around all the mounted gear: lights, gps, speakers, feed bags.

Many other designs have an entrance on each end. I decided on one entry point to save weight, make the bag more weather resistant, have more useable volume in the end, especially with drop bars which limit the length of the bag.


  • Weight 8-12 oz.
  • volume  drop bar 700 cubic inches/ 12 Liters. Flat bar 850 cubic inches/ 15 Liters.
  • Dimension Polyant VX42 fabric. waterproof to 200 psi
  • fully reinforced front panel of 500D Cordura against the handlebars and cables
  • three compression straps that allow you to reduce volume, carry extra gear such as tent poles, foam pads, rain gear etc. These are sewn into two seams, so they uniformly make the bag smaller, not just squeeze it against the handlebars.
  • ITW Fastex buckles used throughout. The handlebar attachment straps are easily replaceable.
  • comes with leather spacers for shift cables and brake lines.


  • Bar Style. Drop bar bags fit 16"  inside to inside. flat bar bags are 20" long closed.
  • horizontal daisy chain across the front under the compression strap buckles. perfect for feed bags or water bottles. if you have a color preference for something other than black webbing let me know.
  • Colors: Black or White. Custom Dimension Polyant colors are available. Please contact for more information on the custom colors or color combinations. no extra charge for getting creative with colors if I have the colors in stock.