Alpine Luddites

Top load frame bag

My best frame bag design yet. It has a top flap that closes with Velcro, but the bag hangs off of one wrap Velcro under the flap on the top tube. I ran the side panels around the corners and along the top tube for 1.5"  on each side to make a better seal and I sewed in 6mm closed cell foam into the side panels on each side of the opening to keep the bag open for easier loading when empty. Two compression straps keep the top closed.


This bag is much easier to load, organize and access compared to a zippered frame bag. It can be built with vertical dividers to increase the organization. No zipper to fail on long trips. the down side, compared to a zippered frame bag, is it's slightly heavier, and a tad less weatherproof in wind driven rain. Compared to a roll top frame bag it's lighter and much easier access.

The sample pictured has front side has two  optional mesh external pockets. The back side has a optional full bag sized flat pocket with a .5 ounce Dyneema inner layer to keep thing organized. Fabrics are a mix of xpac DX40 and x33 , 330 Cordura faced camo. but also available in any Xpac VX21 or VX42 colors. mixed colors are fine, just email me to sort it out.