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Frame bag backpack

First, I need to mention this frame bag will work with any bike. It was just the Ritchey Breakaway was the first. you don't need a bike with S&S couplers or a Ritchey to use this.


Second, it works as a pack when not attached to the bike.


The most unique frame bag so far. This frame bag converts into a backpack for carrying your bike!! A project I had been considering for years. But until Bob at  Bob's Bakery in Port Townsend Washington offered me cash to develop this project for his Ritchey breakaway cross bike for exploring the Olympic mountains I couldn’t say no. He has no idea yet how much cash yet $$$$.


So, a few things to keep in mind with this design: first, its to serve a purpose, not feel like an easy chair on your back. carrying a fully kitted out bike packing outfit on your back will always be a lesson in desire. The design is limited by the size of your main triangle. There is some adjustment to make the shoulder straps longer. Your handlebars need to be loosened and turned. On most bikes that don’t breakdown and the rear and front wheels need to come off and be lashed on. The belt is fully removable but being two parts with a small lumbar support won’t be as supportive as a full one-piece belt. It probably won’t stop the head tube from hitting your lower back but may take the sting out of it. The shoulders straps and belt are fully removable and tuck away behind the back panel or can be left home if you don’t need them.


Every aspect of these frame bags will be custom sized to fit each customer. If you have a tiny front triangle or ride a full suspension mtb I have a workaround for that too, but to be posted later. The only fabric to build this out of is the xpac x51, the 1000/500 denier Cordura. The layer behind the back panel is xpac vx42. The shoulder straps attach and adjust with a G hook style buckle. The simplest solution I could work out. 

 price includes custom fitting of the harness components and back length.

it's not nearly as light as a standard frame bag. 

Oh, it’s pat pending too.