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Seat Bag V2

 Seat Bag V2

Tired of slipping seat bag buckles? This design eliminates the biggest problem with conventional seat bags: buckles that continuously slip.

By using a pulley velcro attachment system, directly integrated with a very stiff polyethylene skid plate, we have designed a bombproof, no slip, seat bag attachment system. The velcro strap makes taking the bag on and off straightforward. The strap is fully replaceable. Alongside this, there is a full compression /load control strap running to the back end of the skid plate to provide more load control. this strap uses a ladder lock buckle with a cam stop over the top. They don't slip.

Other features to the V2 bag: The nose section under the seat has been widened for more volume. nylon twill webbing is sewn along the inside opening of the bag to reinforce the roll top buckle webbing. The open is also cut taller so the bag is easier to pack, yet since the wide end is part of the rolled up section you can't over pack the bag.


Instructions are here:

After two years of personal use during the Tour Divide race, I have never had these bags slip.

The seat bags have a sewn in high-density polyethylene skid plate sewn in right over the tire. This plate also helps to compress the load as the velcro strap and load control strap run right to it.

Built out of Dimension Polyant laminated X Pac fabrics. These fabrics are waterproof to 200 psi. The bottom panel and perimeter panels are from Xpac's Cordura laminated fabric. Far more durable than any other fabric they offer.  My bags are very lightweight, 12-14 oz, depending on the size.

Colors: my most popular colors are listed below but any color Xpac fabric, or Cordura lined with lightweight Xpac, is available. just contact me to sort out the colors. I can even mail you swatches of the colors you want beforehand.



  you'll need at least 6.5" of space between the seat rail and the closest point on the biggest tire you'll run.


6-12 liters



any questions please ask.