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Joe Brown Rucksack

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Joe Brown Rucksack

The Joe Brown was one of the classic packs from the Karrimor range. It was produced , in different versions, for 25 years. It started off as a single pack designed for the infamous Welsh climber Joe Brown. the original Joe Brown pack was canvas with a plywood was also rather short as Joe was vertically challenged.

This version is from the late 70's-early 80's. volume is around 55-60 liters. As it's a fairly big pack . While the volume is big, the pack is low so you can still have room to wear a helmet, preferably a  Joe Brown, while climbing and not have it restricted by the pack height.


  • 12 oz Cordura fabric, double layer bottom. Red is the original color but they were made in navy blue/red combo for years. any color cordura is available for no extra charge. please contact to review options or for swatch photos.
  • wand pockets
  • full compression straps
  • webbing belt like the original, but a padded belt is available.
  • full bivy extension
  • adjustable lid, but still sew on for weather protection, see photos
  • lift straps
  • custom colors available.
  • metal hardware like the original or Fastex hardware .
  • two ice axe loops
  • crampon patch

these are all made to order. please email with questions.