Alpine Luddites

Hot Ice

The Karrimor Hot Ice pack .

The original was part of the “hot” series, but the ice pack was the one I wanted. It is small , maybe 20 liters, truly a pack to climb with. Getting to a climb probably meant ropes were carried outside the pack. It's just a single contoured sac, foam padded back, flat top flap pocket, single drawcord closure, fits just 2 old school ice tools, the Simon Chacal hammer, is ,um, period correct. The only things not 100% are the top crampon straps, the back ends need to be sewn in closer together, I made the shoulder straps a few inches longer. The originals were only padded for 12”. I added a sternum strap. 2” blue belt is correct, as is the buckle. In its simplicity this is very much the white light/white heat pack I make. Does one thing really well: stays out of your way when climbing with it on.