Alpine Luddites

Old Pack Repair/ Rebuild/ Recreate service

If you have old gear you need to be repaired or copied please don't hesitate to contact us. I have many of the old classic packs in my shop and can rebuild or recreate most of them.

If you have a favorite pack of long ago and want a new one let's talk. I really like the old European brands but have owned and worked on Karrimor, Synergy,  Berghaus, Millet, Lafuma, Trailwise, the original Lowe Alpine, Macpac of New Zealand, Chouinard Equipment, Yak Works, Rivendell ( but Eric Hardy may be better as  he builds them, )

I'm happy to look at your old gear and give a quote, pictures work fine for this.

I build entire packs from just a few photos.  These reproductions are a lot of painstaking work. The people who request them are very excited to see them come to life. They are not perfect, but the originals usually weren't either. The reproductions are a one-off sample. There are small, probably unnoticed, imperfections. In real life, we build several rounds until we get a final product.

Like the Alpine Luddites Full custom packs, reproductions/rebuilds require a $300 deposit to be placed in the build queue. Typically I can let you know the total cost, or fairly close before I start work.


After you order a pack I'll contact you for your waist belt size and any customization. You can choose from all features: waist belt, harness size, bivy pad, frame sheet, alloy stays, crampon and ice tool attachment, webbing color and size, fitting issues, etc. 

due to the nature of custom packs, they are not returnable/refundable. please contact me with any questions.

Repair work- it's best to contact me to sort out what's possible/worthwhile. sometimes repairs of worn old packs cost close to building you a new one. Repairs are a lot of  work. The item needs to be clean before i can work on it. 

for repairs please don't order from this page, just contact me first. For repair payments, I like to send an invoice  or take your CC info over the phone.