BEAL COBRA UNICORE 8.6mm Half Rope ,Golden Dry

The Beal Cobra 8.6mm UNICORE is the classic half-rope for adventure climbing. With Beal’s UNICORE technology, the sheath and core are permanently bonded together to eliminate sheath slippage and improve performance and safety. The Cobra runs light and free on long routes, tenacious mountains, and wild ice falls. A technical and strong rope that supports the most difficult demands. STRONG POINTS: • UNICORE Process • Excellent balance between weight and durability • Low impact force and high fall rating • Abrasion and water resistant with Golden Dry .

USES: Mountain, ice, and adventure climbing.

  • Weight: 48 g/m

  • Impact force: 5.1kN
  • UIAA falls: 16
  • UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Golden Dry

  • GD = Golden Dry
  • UC = Unicore Process

  • CE and UIAA Certified - Half Rope