Grivel Lite Machine

Grivel Lite Machine


It's easy to think of buying ice tools for the hardest grade you might encounter in the mountains, yet most of today's waterfall specific tools are not the best choice for all the terrain you will encounter. 

The Lite Machine is the ideal tool for everything from technical mountaineering to mid range waterfall climbing. It's the perfect balance of versatility to technical ability. The Lite machine is ideal for big technical peaks where you actually need a hammer or adze, yet still be able to plunge the shaft into snow for 5000 steps....But you won't be out gunned when vertical ice shows up. This tool does it all well.

Equipped with the Easy Slider, a hand rest that slides to the top of the shaft when plunging your tools in snow or to the bottom when climbing to give extra hand support and grip. The Spring Leash keeps the tool tethered to your harness, making it impossible to lose. Grivel's hot forged picks are rugged and durable and the Cyclops eye on the head of the axe allows easy racking on ice clippers, carabiners and adding leashes.

  • Weight: 570 grams 20.1 ounce

  • Length: 50cm

  • Ships with Mix blade

  • CE Certified T Rated