Alpine Luddites

D4 alpine pack


In the book "atlas of a lost world", craig childs says a study of more than 2000 prehistoric individuals worldwide, ranging between 1,000-30,000 years old , found the D4 chromosome marker is more prevalent among those who migrated compared to those who maintained a long genetic history in one place. Among native american genomes, and their ancestors, the presence of D4 is correlated with an individuals distance from the land bridge. north america, closest to the land bridge , shows 33% of samples with D4 elongation. Central america 42%. south america, currently Chile,  an average of 69%, as if people needed more umph to reach that far south.


Too high in D4 and you'er a dead Polish or British alpinist from the 70's.


oh, what is the D4, not the Kelty D4

The alpine luddites D4 is very much like my other packs; custom fitted, built just for you but with a free hand for design/colors/trim by me. the packs pictured are examples of recent builds. the three purple packs I had total freedom to build.


Tell me what volume your after, max load weight,any extra features  (some cost extra), type of usage; climbing Denali is a lot different than going to the Eiger. that's it. i choose everything else to build a one of a kind pack for you. very similar concept to the Pegoretti Ciavete paint designs on their bicycles. 


two fabric category options:

standard; DX40, cordura /dyneema gridstop, ballistics, all x pac fabrics.


UHMWPE; custom colored woven and non woven dyneema, my custom  heavy duty woven dyneema laminate.