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Dyneema Ultralight Race Seat Bag

Race Seat Bag

Light is right. 7-9 ounces finished weight. Dimension Polyant D40 where it needs it, ultralight Dyneema laminate everywhere else. Half the weight of a full D40 seat bag. Perfect for endurance racing, road, gravel, snow or mtb. Available in any size or custom just for your bike.


I built it with long distance self-supported road/gravel races in mind. but it would also serve well on remote trips where the 10 ounces of bag weight saved would serve you better as 10 ounces of extra food. I took a prototype of this bag built in the Xpac 70 D fabric on the 2015 TDR and it held up fine. So maybe it's tougher than I think.

I would add this bag isn't as durable as our regular seat bags. if your touring across Alaska, the D40 or standard bag would serve you better.


custom colors now available in the 5 oz Dyneema fabric. contact me for color chart.

Instructions are here: