Synergy Works backpack reproduction.

December 15, 2016

This pack is a recreation of a Synergy Works pack from the late 70's for a customer Works was on early market innovator of both the internal framed backpack and Gore Tex clothing back in the late 70's-early 80's. They were based in the bay area, like most outdoor brands of the time.

This was one huge custom project. The pack was for a customer in California. I't huge by today's standards but average for it's day.

This pack is probably pushing past 80 Liters, but it's a backpacking pack, not a climbing pack. The pockets snap on and off. I'm not a fan of setting dozens of stainless steel snaps by hand. Broke the first setting tool. The frame is waiting on a couple of small parts to finish. Basically a tensioning mesh panel and two large aluminum stays in an X configuration. The mesh panel pushes? Pulls? the stays away from your back. Much like the modern Deuter and Berghaus packs do. Do I need to say the hip belt is huge?
I built this entire pack from a few photos. I offer the service of recreating vintage packs for customers. While these reproductions are a lot of work the people who request them are very excited to see them come to life. They are not perfect. They are one off sample. There are small, probably unnoticed, imperfections. In real life we build several rounds till we get a final product.

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