Seat Bag How To

November 28, 2017

Alpine Luddites Seat Bag - Installation:


Pass the Velcro strap through both seat rails, keeping it centered on the bag.



Thread both the Velcro and nylon straps through the Nylon loop at the bottom edge of the sewn-on Velcro and fold it over its self on both sides.






















Wrap seat post strap through the 2” loop lock around your seat post and pull tight and fasten Velcro.







·      Retighten the side Velcro, one side at a time by first loosening the Velcro that is sewn onto the seat bag and pull the Velcro strap through the loop lock tightly as possible…. Really Tight!


·      Repeat on other side.
·      Pull roll top straps very tight. These keep your bag from drooping.


·      You will need to retighten the Velcro straps once you repack the bag while it’s attached to your bike



Packing your seat bag


Seat bags are the ideal place to pack bulky, light items: Sleeping bags, puffy jackets, foam pad, clothes, potato chips, etc. It is not the place for heavy dense items like tools, tubes, food, stove fuel. These go in your frame bag, which has a lower center of gravity.


Seat bags work best packed as tightly as possible. You really need to stuff gear into them, like stuffing a sleeping bag into its stuff bag. Lining your seat bag with a lightweight dry bag is ideal. The trick is to use a dry bag slightly BIGGER than the seat bag, so it can conform to all the space. Work at getting all the air out of the dry bag as you roll it up. Seat bags are not fully waterproof. Using smaller, densely packed dry bags with individual items will make packing harder and decrease the amount of usable space.


Seat bags work best packed no more than 1/2- 2/3 full. The more weight sticking out, further away from your saddle, will cause more side to side swinging. Pull the compression straps really tight.


I never pack my seat bag more than half full. This allows for more rolls on the roll top and a stable load.




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