Ouray to Moab ride

March 15, 2017

My first bike packing trip of the year. I road from my house, in Ouray, Colorado to Moab, Utah. It's not that far, 150 miles. Mainly on roads as there is still plenty of snow around here and in the La Sal mountains in Utah. The one 11 mile strech of dirt was a total mud bath.

This was my first major shakedown ride in training for this years Tour Divide Race. My main goals were just to be out riding for long durations, boost my weekly mileage and vertical feet of climbing, try out my SON Dynamo hub and charging system and see how well I did rebuilding my bike.

It was a nice ride, 75 miles each day and total trip of 29 hours home to hotel. It was cool most of the time. I never switched to bib shorts from 3/4 thermal bibs. I only took my wind shell off 13 miles outside of Moab. the one night i camped the tempure dropped well below freezeing. there was ice in my water bottles come day break. i had a cold dawn as I only brought a 40 degree sleeping bag and slept in all my clothes. made getting dressed easy. I did not bring warm enough gloves and had to stop to rewarm my hands.

The SON hub worked great for my lights. i kept my cache battery plugged in to the hub, then my iphone into the battery. I'm not sure if it was a perfect sytem but i never ran out of power. I decided it's better to charge the GPS at night with the cache batery than have it running all day. If I went to slow, the GPS would tell me it switching power or shutting down. I'm not sure if my rechargeable gps battery will run for a typical 18 hour TDR day. I most likley will carry back up AA's and switch if needed. the downside is I cannot charge the GPS battery unless it's in the GPS itself.

My Waltworks was great as always. I had replaced my Chris King BB for a Wheels Manufacturing Ceramic BB.   The CK BB was sent back under warranty. It had failed after being rebuilt by one of their dealers.

No drama on this ride. My family met me in Moab Friday afternoon and we spent Saturday out riding on the Klondike trails.

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